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Jessica Hartley is an experienced digital strategist, client service and business development lead with 17+ years of experience in collaborating with clients to leverage digital and innovation to transform their businesses by putting people at the center of future experiences.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences in working with big brands through strategic consulting projects, speaking engagements, and leading workshops and seminars.


She is currently leading business and market development for the design and innovation studio and the broader Southeast region, partnering with clients to utilize human-centered design to solve business challenges and lead their competitors into the future. Jessica has worked for a digital startup, digital marketing agencies, and consulting firms, and her experiences allow her to merge business analytics and strategy, with the full understanding of the creative design and execution to customers.


A key passion for Jessica is her commitment to helping others realize their dreams and fulfill their desires by supporting them with their small business goals.  She is big on inclusion and diversity, especially in providing underprivileged communities with the access and support they typically do not receive from regular channels.


While not a superhero in real life, in her spare time, Jessica enjoys reading and writing science fiction and fantasy novels where heroines are larger than life, and really do save their world.

Jessica Hartley Speaker
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