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7 Tips to Increase Website Conversion

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What are you doing on your website to convert someone from a casual visitor to a customer? If you need some tips on increasing conversion, here are 7 great and simple ideas to implement.   http://www.inc.com/adam-heitzman/7-simple-tweaks-to-improve-website-conversions.html

Secret Sauce: 4 Tips to Grow Your Business

Here are 4 great tips to grow your business with examples from other small businesses that have mastered the art. Check it out.   http://www.inc.com/neil-parmar/4-secrets-for-growing-your-business.html

3 Biggest Hurdles as an Entrepreneur

Hearing ‘real-world’ stories from successful entrepreneurs is always inspiring and motivational. Inc. Magazine profiles Noi Solutions’s, Saima Chowdhury, as she describes the hardest parts of becoming an entrepreneur.   http://www.inc.com/saima-chowdhury/playbook-3-challenges-starting-business.html

Small Business + Government = Partnership

“Civic Tech” is one of the hottest growing small business sectors these days. Governments are looking to diversify their vendors through supplier diversity programs, and small businesses are looking for those lucrative, long-term contracts to shore-up their bottom line. Check … Continued

8 Ways to Reduce Procrastination in Your Life

Are you filling your day with Facebook, Twitter, and scrolling news articles? Whether you are a small business owner or just starting your entrepreneurial journey, these tips will help you be more productive to accomplish your goals.   http://www.inc.com/rhett-power/8-tips-how-to-stop-procrastinating-your-day-away.html

Part I: Create Your Own PR Program

Most small business owners neglect marketing and publicity, focusing mainly on their product or services. This is short-sighted thinking because without marketing and PR, how will customers even know that your company plan exists.  While it may seem intimidating, you … Continued

5 Tips to Grow Your Network

Everyone, who is anyone these days understands that growing and expanding your network goes beyond passing out business cards or flyers. It now even extends beyond just sending an email for your digital rolodex or connecting via LinkedIn.  Growing your … Continued

Grow Quickly by Investing In Your First Customers

Your first customers can be your biggest advocates for your growing small business. Taking good care of them and fostering a trusting relationship, will go a long way to getting them to share out and share often with their friends, … Continued

The Customer is NOT Always Right. Here’s Why.

Small businesses that follow the old adage of the customer is always right, might be causing more harm to their business than they think. Sometimes the customer is not right, and is very, very, very wrong. Handling customers in those … Continued

5 Social Media Mistakes That Cost You Customers Every Day

Protecting your brand on social media is critical in the days of swift condemnation from customers and enemies across, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Reddit and more. Here are some things to watch out for as you navigate this new frontier. … Continued

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